Get Started with Viking

How to Get Started with Viking

With so many people joining Viking Alternative Medicine, we needed an instructional video on how to become a patient at our clinic. This helps us allocate more human resources to the consultation, to customer service, and less time to do the repetitive task of explaining how to get started. It also ensures you always get the same instructions instead of seven different variations depending on who you talk to. This is just one more example of how we're constantly listening to you and striving to improve the overall customer experience. I'm going to get to the point as quickly as possible, but first I need to throw out a disclaimer. There is no one size fits all when it comes to hormone replacement therapy. But we do have to start somewhere we generally modify protocols over time as our medical staff reviews bloodwork and discusses progress with each patient things are subject to change. Therefore, while I may generalize about dosing or pricing in this video, each of our patients is unique. Treatment is subject to change as we fine-tune your treatment on an individual basis. So let's get to it.

If you want the most expeditious route from the time you first contact us to the day you actually become a Viking. Follow these steps in the specific order I'm giving them to you. There are three components we'll be discussing paperwork, consultations, and refills.


Step One

Paperwork, go to  You can use a mobile device or a computer.  In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see a button labeled new patient form.  Click It.   This will load the required page.  This form is relatively detailed.  Contrary to popular belief, we aren't asking you to complete this form because we're sadists in life or to inflict emotional distress, this form is legally necessary before we can start discussing your treatment options.   There is nothing on the form that you shouldn't already know or have access to.

First - We will need a copy of your driver's license.  You can upload that directly inside of the form. This can be a picture from your phone or a scanned copy.


Second, - you're asked to upload a copy of your insurance. This is only if you want your labs run through your insurance. To be honest, it's a pain in the ass to process labs through insurance, especially when we can get you labs for about 60 bucks. But if you're adamant about using your insurance, upload a copy of your insurance card. My point is it's not required.


Third - We need you to upload labs. This is because we have to make sure you're relatively healthy on the inside. These labs must be six months old or Newer, you can use labs from a different clinic if you're switching over to buy. If you don't have recent labs, we can point you in the right direction. I'll put a link in the description below where for around $60 you can be on your way to lab core in about an hour to get your blood work completed, there is no faster way that I know of, of getting this task completed.


And lastly, during the paperwork process, you're asked for a credit card number. This is not a deal-breaker. It's far easier for us when we have this information, but it is not necessary. And just to let you know, nobody's gonna bang your card at random times. The only time we use this is when you specifically tell us to charge your card for meds. Since it's illegal to send out a schedule three controlled substance on autofill which is what testosterone is  - a schedule three medication.   We need your explicit approval every time we charge a card.  Our website is secure,  our form is secure.  Your information is always safe.  My point here is entering your credit card information is helpful, but it is not required. Now that completes your paperwork, we now need to move to step two,


Step Two

Schedule a consultation. A consultation is legally required before we can establish a recommended protocol for your treatment. The consultation can be scheduled in two different ways. The first way is to go back to,  scroll down the homepage about halfway and you'll see a button labeled book appointment.  This allows you to set your own consultation time which most people find extremely appealing. The second way is to wait for our awesome gatekeeper Jason to call you and schedule the appointment over the phone. Scheduling by yourself is faster but I do realize some people aren't technologically inclined and we don't want to be discriminatory. Either option, we'll get you scheduled,   If everything goes well, our medical staff will look over all of the information we've gathered up to this point, they'll make a determination as to whether or not the recommended protocol is safe and effective given your unique requirements. If approved, we'll get your meds shipped out to you as quickly as possible. And as a side note, we're always working on getting shipping times reduced. At this point, you are officially a Viking, Congratulations.


Step Three

The last phase we need to discuss is step three, which is refills. What happens when you get close to running out of meds. That's known as the refill stage.  Refills should be done about three weeks before you need the meds to show up on your doorstep. There are two ways to go about this. First, send an email to   You must include your full name, birthdate address, what you need refilled as well as the last four digits of the credit card number you want to use for payment. Now, remember that part where the original paperwork asked you for your credit card number. This is where that comes in handy. The second option is to call the office and verbally put in a refill request average booking appointments, it's faster to do it electronically. But hey, we like to be just as accommodating to our technologically challenged patients as we are to our technologically gifted ones. We also send a text message out when it's time to refill.  Our phone number is conveniently listed in that text. We just recently started implementing the texting reminders. So don't let that stand in the way of contacting us directly. Again, we need your med refill order about three weeks before you run out of them. So that's it from start to finish. It's not difficult, but the order of events is important. If we don't have a driver's license, we don't have a recent lab.  If we don't have all of the required information, it's going to do nothing but slow the process down. I should also mention that labs are not required when completing the new patient form, but we can't perform your consultation until you've at least emailed those to us.  So while you shouldn't let the lab stop you from completing the online paperwork, get them done as quickly as you can.


If you have any questions, feel free to email or call our office at (210) 826 8900. You could even use our catchy toll-free number which is 877 My Hormones.

We'd like to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, dedication, and commitment to becoming a better you.

As always, you are never too old to live like a Viking.