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Getting started with Viking is easy. But first, let’s go over the financial part of things since that’s the first question most people want answered. While everybody reacts slightly differently to medications, we need to start somewhere. Unless there are other factors, we usually start at 200 mg of Testosterone a week, HCG to maintain sexual function, Anastrozole to keep estrogen under control, Bacteriostatic Water, and all required syringes.

The monthly price is $160. Since we ship 2 month’s of supplies out to you, we charge for those two months… so your total bill every 10 weeks is $320 plus $10 in shipping. We do NOT charge your credit card automatically (I don’t like it when companies do it to me). You’re only charged by VIKING when you specifically give us the authority to process payment. We’re also temporarily offering a 20 Week TRT Protocol. We did this because many were concerned with production and/or shipping issues as this viral pandemic continues.

Simply complete the New Patient form, located on Normally we need labs 6 months or newer, but due to the virus issue, we’re temporarily extending that to 12 months (which is the law).

We’re going to need your labs. There are few ways to do this. We can take care of all your paperwork for you, or, we’ll need your Doctor to provide us with a list of tests we’ll need to have completed. If you already have labs, they need to be 12 months or newer.

Go to our online calendar and schedule day and time that conveniently works for you. Our Licensed Medical professionals will assess your lab results, recommend a treatment protocol and answer any and all questions you may have. If all goes well, your medications will arrive in approximately 7-10 business days later.

When it’s time to refill your prescription, Viking will send you an email and text message alert, letting you know it’s time to schedule your refill.
All that’s left for you is to complete a short form on our website and we’ll send out your shipment.

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