Refill Request and Information

Information about Refills

Please submit the information requested in the form located on this page.  Even though it seems like we are duplicating some of the information we ask for, we do need you to resubmit the in order to comply with all the rules!


Your labs must be less than 6 months old for us to be able to submit your request to the pharmacy.  If your labs are older than 6 months you have some choices - you can schedule a quick consultation

Quick Consultation
If you would prefer you can get an order for your labs and take it to the location of your choice by choosing our partner PrivateMD Labs.

The most common set of tests that you need is the package called " Hormones and Metabolism, Female Specific Tests, Infertility Testing" - yes, even for men. You can order the tests here:

Hormone panel 1
The less common panel may be required depending on the medication you are prescribed. If you need this panel, you will be told to order the "Hormone Panel for Males", or Hormone panel 2:

Hormone panel 2
For Women - you will be asked to order the ""Hormone Panel with E2 Sensitive, Progesterone & Testosterone LC/MS", or Hormone panel 3:

Hormone panel 3
FINALLY, if you need any help, let us know!