About Me: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early English Literature from Missouri Southern State University and am a resident stained glass artist at Local Color Art Gallery in Joplin, MO. I met the love of my life in 2014 and while Sam and I have 5 incredible children and 2 grandchildren between us – our biggest challenge right now is teaching manners to the 2 “ferocious” 10lb puppies – Thor and Loki.

DOB: April 14

Hobbies: Stained glass, vacationing with great friends and endless adventures with the Viking.

Fun Fact: I’m acutely allergic to shellfish and if Sam even kisses me after his meal of surf and turf I can literally die.

What I love about Viking: This really IS a family. My opinion matters and so does everyone else’s. When we all work toward a common goal – making people feel better – it’s not really work anymore.