About me: My name is Miklos Major, and I am privileged to be a part of the medical staff at Viking Alternative Medicine. I hold earned doctorate degrees in Nursing, Cellular Biology and recently completed medical school with plans to enter a Medicine-Pediatrics residency. I have been in clinical practice as a Nurse Practitioner for 20 years as an NP-Hospitalist in Dallas, Texas. In 2019, an amazing opportunity was extended to me by Mr. Sam Ridgeway, to join the medical staff at VIKING. I now spend my time in both hospital medicine and in the TRT/HRT practice of VIKING. I am also sworn Police Officer with a busy city agency in east Texas. I am married with four boys and currently reside in the DFW area. When not at work, I focus my free time with my family.

DOB: December 16th

Fun Fact: I completed my first Bachelor’s Degree on a Full Music scholarship performing throughout the United States, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe with an International European Folk Ensemble based out of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh Pa.

Hobbies: BJJ/Greco-Roman Wrestling, weight training, and Police Combative Training

What I Love about VIKING: I like to really help functionally well men and women feel and perform at their best as they age.