ATLANTAJuly 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — After extensive research and development, Pharm Origins has announced the successful extraction of natural testosterone originating from raw pine pollen.

Testosterone supplementation, a key male hormone, is often used as a potent but controversial regimen against male aging. Biologically, plant-based testosterone provides the same human benefit, with limited side effects.

Pharm Origins recently filed patents on a nutrient extraction system that can extract active ingredients from the world’s rarest, most fragile natural sources.

This cutting-edge process was used in the extraction of this plant-based testosterone.

“We were really excited to finally achieve this massive research and development goal. Men all over the world are resorting to synthetic testosterone therapy and this breakthrough can lead to a safer alternative in the near future,” said Clint Winters, Pharm Origins spokesperson and natural health researcher.

It was recently discovered that pine pollen, which is essentially the male seed of the flower, contains human-adapted androgens including pure testosterone.

This type of testosterone passes directly into the males’ “free testosterone” stores, without “binding,” making it very viable for supplementation. Pharm Origins will be the first to extract and suspend this plant-based hormone for potential human use. Lab trials are now underway.

“We are really excited to give men around the world a safe alternative to synthetic testosterone shots. The benefits of testosterone are powerful, but they can come with many risks. This natural application will diminish those risks without diminishing performance,” said Travis Shoaf, Director of Product Development and Manufacturing.

Pharm Origins determined from rigorous research that each gram of pine pollen contains 80 nanograms of pure “free testosterone”. 300 nanograms is considered a healthy level for an average male. Most aging men are well below this number. Based on this analysis, phyto testosterone use would normalize male testosterone levels in less than a week while keeping them high for the future.

The initial application would be sublingual, with testosterone entering the bloodstream within fifteen minutes.

Clinical trials are ongoing and a full release is expected during the 2019 calendar year.

Pharm Origins was founded in 2011 and is an FDA registered dietary supplement formulator and manufacturer located in Atlanta, GA.


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