The hormone testosterone is created mainly by men and can affect several aspects of their life, such as appearance, sexual development, muscles, and bone mass. Testosterone levels in men tend to decrease as they age, with low levels prevalent in those aged 60 or older.

Sometimes men below the age of 60 can also experience low testosterone levels. That can be due to a side effect of medication, or perhaps as a symptom of an existing health condition such as a metabolic disorder. If you are experiencing one or more of the following, it’s likely you have low testosterone levels in your body:

1. You have a low sex drive
One of the most significant clues that you could have low testosterone levels in your body is that you don’t have much of a sexual appetite. You might not know it, but testosterone plays an active role in a man’s sex drive. A low sex drive can be a side effect of certain medicines, but if you’re not currently taking any medication, testosterone might be to blame for your low libido.

2. You’re losing a lot of hair 3. You’re losing a lot of muscle mass
Did you know that low testosterone levels can also be responsible for decreasing muscle mass in your body? If that’s something that is happening to you, it’s likely you may have put it down to not spending enough time at the gym in recent weeks. But, a lack of testosterone can hamper muscle mass in a man. Bear in mind, though, that low testosterone won’t necessarily affect your strength or function.

4. You’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis
The thing about osteoporosis is that it’s a medical condition usually associated with women. But, men that have low testosterone levels can also experience a decrease in bone density too. In males, testosterone helps to strengthen bones, and thus reducing the risk of accidental fractures. If your doctor hasn’t already done so, ask them to check your testosterone levels so that you can be sure they are where they should be for someone of your age.

5. You’ve become quite forgetful lately
Believe it or not, memory loss is associated with low testosterone levels in men! While it’s true that memory and cognitive functions decline as a man ages, if you’ve been more forgetful than usual then it’s likely you have low testosterone levels in your body. There has been some scientific research to suggest that men who use testosterone supplements show a marked improvement in memory function