The first question I ask a business is why you? Why should I do business with you instead of one of your competitors? It’s a valid question, especially when we’re talking about something as complex as balancing your hormones.

First and foremost, it’s the knowledge of our medical staff, hands down the best in the industry. And I say first and foremost because, without a competent medical staff, you’ve got Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t taught in medical school. You learn it by doing it, and it takes years of experience to master. It takes working with thousands of patients day in and day out. And while everybody has to start learning somewhere, they’re not going to start learning at Viking. We only hire seasoned medical professionals that have years of experience and a proven track record of success.

Second, we help both men and women. Most HRT clinics only do one or the other, which is something I never really understood. With the great results we get, why wouldn’t you want your spouse to feel amazing also? Honestly, the best relationships are where both parties feel great both physically and mentally. And after the age of 40, that’s a very difficult thing to do without making sure your hormones are balanced first.

Third, we offer an array of treatment options. Far more than any other reputable clinic I know of, like multiple types of testosterone, phentermine for weight loss, human growth hormone finasteride, ED meds,  DECA, and ECA stacks. The list goes on. We have tools at our disposal that other clinics simply don’t have. And having the proper tool is extremely important when you’re trying to fix a specific problem.

There are many more reasons to come to Viking. The last one I mentioned is customer service, over three-quarters of our staff is dedicated to nothing other than taking care of patients. Did you know The number one reason people leave a clinic is because they don’t feel like they matter, They don’t feel like anybody really cares. Fortunately, that’s something you’ll never have to worry about with Viking.

So why didn’t I mention the price? It’s because I didn’t set out to change the hormone replacement industry with a goal in mind to become the cheapest. When you try to be the cheapest, you, unfortunately, end up getting what you wished for. At Viking we offer value. You get the best medical staff the best array of options and the best customer service all at a fair and affordable price.

So why should you choose Viking?

Because we know what we’re doing and we care. I’m sure you can find cheaper but you won’t find better. Patients before profits. It’s not just our mantra. It’s our business model. Complete a new patient form and see for yourself how Viking is leading the HRT industry because getting old is inevitable, but feeling old is a choice.


Rev. May10, 2022