As people age, their bodies start to change. This includes issues related to hormones. One of the most common hormonal issues that men face has to do with low testosterone, also called low T.

One of the most common signs that someone has low levels of testosterone is sexual dysfunction. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and controls factors such as libido and the ability to both achieve and sustain an erection that is suitable for intercourse. When someone has low levels of testosterone, they are going to notice issues with their reproductive system. Men will notice that they just don’t “feel” like having sex. Their libido has dropped due to a lack of testosterone. They will also notice that they don’t have spontaneous erections like they used to. This can be incredibly frustrating and can lead to serious mental health issues. Therefore, the issues of low testosterone need to be addressed.

Next, men with low testosterone are going to notice that they don’t have as much lean muscle mass as they used to. Testosterone plays a key role in someone’s ability to put on lean muscle by working out. Even though someone puts in the hours at the gym and eats a healthy, well-balanced diet, they just can’t seem to put on the same amount of lean muscle they used to. One of the possible reasons why is that someone has low testosterone. Testosterone is required for the body to respond to the stimulus produced by working out regularly. Without testosterone, lean muscle is not going to stick.

In addition, another common sign of low testosterone is hair loss. Testosterone is responsible for keeping hair follicles healthy and full. If someone has low levels of testosterone, people may notice bald spots starting to appear on the scalp. Hair may also fall out when someone uses a comb or brush. Finally, men may also notice more hair on the floor of the shower. Addressing low testosterone can help someone prevent hair loss.

Finally, one of the most important signs of low testosterone is reduced bone mass. Bones are made up of a calcium network that gives bones their strength and durability. Without testosterone, the bones are going to start to weaken. While this might lead to pain and discomfort, it may also cause someone to be more susceptible to bone fractures. This presents a serious health complication that might land someone in the hospital. In order to avoid this, those who have low testosterone need to make sure this problem is treated.

Anyone who thinks they might have low testosterone should know that there are treatment options available.

Original article – The Signs a Testosterone Booster is needed.