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We put our Patients Before Profits
At Viking, we make it easier and more affordable for you to get the best hormone replacement therapy available.

Maximize Your Performance and Wellbeing!

Body Optimization is the science of making both the mental and physical aspects of the body perform at their absolute best. Improving sleep, losing weight, maximizing lean muscle mass, increasing brain function, refining immune system responsiveness… these are just a few areas that make our bodies faster, stronger, and more resilient to external threats.

Viking has an array of products and knowledge to help maximize your overall wellbeing. From medications to peptides to nutritional instruction, we approach Body Optimization from multiple angles.

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a seasoned veteran looking to take things to the next level, Viking can help.

  • Feeling and looking your best primarily depends upon what’s being put into your body. You can have an excellent physique hidden under layers of fat and nobody will ever know. Some try to gain size, but no matter what they do, they can’t seem to gain a single pound of muscle.
  • Since diet is such an important part of the equation, we’ve partnered with a Legend in the Weight Loss industry; Shelby Starnes. We have negotiated a huge discount on his services, which include Full Nutritional Coaching and, if desired, Strength Training as well.
  • Shelby has spent years working with all walks of life from normal people that just want to lose a few pounds to professionals entering body building competitions. He has a successful track record of quickly changing the body composition of both men and women. Contact for additional information.
  • Peptides
    • Sometimes our bodies need help recovering. The harder we work out, the more assistance we could use. Viking offers healing peptides like BPC 157 and TB 500 to quickly repair small muscle tears and strains as well as preventing them from happening in the first place.
    • We also prescribe an array of peptides and medications to elevate IGF-1 levels. Strong levels of IGF-1 can be instrumental in facilitating the growth and repair of muscle, optimizing the metabolism, allowing for better sleep, improved skin elasticity, and more. Contact Viking at for additional information.
  • Viking offers an array of medications to assist with Hair Loss, ED, Menopause, weight loss, etc. One of the medications available for mental focus is Modafinil. This medication is what the movie “Limiteless” was loosely based upon.
  • Viking also has the best non-prescription energy/focus supplement available anywhere. This product is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and is aptly named The Magic Pill.
  • Contact Viking at for additional information.
  • Viking has a few options to assist with muscle wasting. We carry Nandrolone (Deca). We also carry many options that increase IGF-1 levels, which can create satellite muscle cells and optimize protein synthesis. Contact Viking at for additional
  • Injectable Vitamin D, Lipo C, L Carnitine, Glutathione, and GACO are just a few options that keep your body functioning at its best. We are always adding new products to our arsenal so check back often for new additions. Contact Viking at for additional information.