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TRT - How to get started with Viking

What We Are

  • An HRT Clinic that puts patients before profits.
  • An HRT clinic where experts highly educated on the subject of hormone replacement therapy evaluate a patient, suggest an intelligent protocol, and periodically modify that protocol as necessary to optimize results.
  • A clinic where you actually know the owner and you trust that person's morals ethics and integrity.
  • A place where you finally feel like you actually matter to someone.

What We Do

Our goal is to improve the health-related quality of life for each and every one of our patients.  We accomplish this by providing Wellness Examinations, including laboratory analysis, Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Woman, and Nutritional counseling and meal plans for weight loss and/or  strength building,  at a fair price.

We have an in-house Physician Assistant that does phone exams for health and wellness. We have multiple nutrition plans, run by a dietician, that range from 8 to 12 weeks. We provide ready-to-eat, frozen meals, with our customized nutritional plans. We sell nutritional supplements.

We order lab work through LabCorp and Quest.

We use telemedicine so that you can manage your appointments using our simple technology, in most cases, never having to physically visit our offices!


Decreased energy

Loss of muscle mass

Decreased Sex Drive

Decreased mental sharpness

Increase in body fat

Trouble sleeping

Decreased Desire for physical activity

Mood changes including depression

How to Get Started with Viking

Free Consultation Appointment


Get started today by calling us for your NO OBLIGATION, FREE CONSULTATION.  Our experienced medical staff can answer any questions that you may have about the treatments we offer for improving your health and wellness.

New Patient Intake Forms


Please complete our New Patient Intake Form and email it back to us at info@viking alternative so that we will have it prior to your first appointment.  You can also bring the completed New Patient Intake Form to your first appointment.

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